Budapest, Hungary

Our next destination was Budapest which is the capital of Hungary. We stopped in Slovakia on the way for lunch so it was another 3 country day. We had breakfast in Austria, lunch in Slovakia and dinner in Hungary.

Once we had arrived in Hungary we went straight into a driving tour where we were shown all the main sights and we got off at the buda hills to go see the view. The buda hill is the highest point in Budapest so we had amazing views of the city it was seriously beautiful.


We were also able to see the Hungarian parliament building which was definitely impressive in size.

Parliament building


We had been told to try a traditional schnitzel while in Hungary so we found a traditional restaurant to do this. We  had been warned that portion sizes were quite large however we didn’t realise how large they really were.. I got a traditional Hungarian schnitzel which was literally the size of a pizza! Delicious by the way..

Tuesday was our full free day in Hungary so we started the day by going to the House of terror which was the building that was used for the headquarters of both the nazis and the Soviet Union. In 1944 the building was the headquarters for the Hungarian Nazis then between 1945-1956 the building was used as a headquarters and holding prison for the Soviet Union, there was also torture chambers as well as a cell where people would be hung to die. It was quite a weird feeling being in the cells that people were kept and the cell that people were killed in. There were a lot of videos around the museum that were of survivors telling their stories and there was a sheet of information in each room so we could understand what the purpose of each room was. There was one room called the hall of tears and it was a dark room filled with small lights and all around the outside walls were the names of the victims who had died, very chilling.

Then onto the local markets where I bought myself another scarf to add to my collection I got from Florence.

Budapest streets

We found a Hungarian/Italian restaurant nearby the shopping quarter and believe it or not we found the pizza better than the pizza in Italy! At this point we were loving the food in Hungary.


When walking the streets we noticed alot of places advertising fish massages, we hadn’t experienced one of these before so we were curious and had to give it a go.  Our feet were in a little pool with these Thai fish that literally nibble the dry skin off your feet. It was such a strange experience and extremely ticklish at first but it was one of those must do things for us. We also bought some Dead Sea salt from the same place as the guy made us try it on our hands and it made our hands extremely smooth and got rid of any dry skin (even Shaun’s hands were super smooth!).

We found some of the side streets had the look and feel of  Ponsonby in Auckland so we felt quite at home in Hungary. There were alot of beautiful food places on the water as well.


Budapest 1

Overall we loved the vibe in Hungary. It was a beautiful city, the currency was a bit strange with $200 coins and $10,000 notes etc but the city was great we would definitely come back if we could.