Perth & Rottnest Island

We had always said that we should go check out Perth so having two friends 30th birthday over there was a good excuse to go over!

We had 5 days/6 nights to explore the city and cram in as many tourist activities as possible.

Day 1 – We headed out to Swan Valley for a wine tasting tour, this was a full day event with the bus departing at 9:45am. That meant that we were at the first vineyard drinking wine before 10:30am! We covered 5/6 vineyards tasting wine and cheese, a beer brewery and a chocolate factory throughout the day. Each vineyard had at least 6 tasters so at the end of it we had a bit of a glow… The highlight of the day was Lancaster wines which had the most amazing creamy cheddar cheese and Chenan Blanc wine (a wine we don’t seem to get in NZ but that Anita became quickly addicted to throughout the day). The chocolate factory was like a child’s dream (Shauns dream more like) and there were even chocolate liqueur tastings to top it off.


Day 2 – having never been to IKEA before we thought it would be a great idea to do so, wow what an experience that was! It was very overwhelming and I think Shauns favourite part was the $1 hot dogs at the end. What seemed to amaze me was that you had to walk a maze through the entire shop to get to the checkouts, no dashing in quickly for a few things.

We also visited Kings Park which had a great view of the city and lots of cool walking tracks. I am pretty sure 90% of Perths population were there trying to catch Pokemon though.

Day 3 – the day was finally here… Anitas favourite activity… Shopping!!! Today was the day that we were visiting the outlet shops. Leigh and I went to the gym that morning while the boys were working outside, we came home at 11am to find two drunk boys.. Well that sure made shopping interesting that afternoon.

On the upside there were lots of bargains to be had at DFO and I spent far to much money. It wasn’t necessarily the bargains that were good it was the fact that the clothing was different to NZ.

Day 4 – Rottnest island, we headed out via Ferry to an island that I had heard was beautiful with crystal clear waters.

It is also famous for Quokkas which are the cutest little animals, basically like mini Kangaroos!


We hired electric bikes and whizzed around the island exploring heaps of hidden little bays with crystal clear water. We also went up the old watch tower which gave great views across the island. I would highly recommend the island to anyone heading to Perth, I can imagine in Summer it would be amazing to swim etc at all the bays.




We also visited the town of Fremantle that afternoon which is a cute suburb full of history and old buildings. We went to the Little creatures brewery while we were there & quickly grew fond of the little creatures pale ale and knew we would need to find a distributer back home, such a nice drop! The brewery itself has glass panels so you can see all the drums etc which was really cool. Would definitely recommend it.


Day 5 – we maximised the time on our last day by catching up with two seperate groups of friends before heading off to the airport. Wow that sure did go fast, until next time Perth!


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