Great Barrier Island

I had always wanted to go to Great Barrier Island but couldn’t bare the thought of the ferry ride so when I found out you could fly there I convinced/told my husband that we needed to go for a weekend!

A deal came up on grabone offering a discounted price for a flights and accomodation package, the flights included those leaving on a friday afternoon and returning sunday afternoon… perfect!

When we arrived for our flight our ticket was a laminated piece of paper given to us at a small counter and our bags were just put on a small trolley behind the counter.. this was a very different experience to say the least.

We walked onto the tarmac and I had to take a second look at the plane.. it was tiny… I mean super tiny. Everyone was seated on the plane and I was told due to weight distribution I would have to sit in the front with the pilot, as in right NEXT to the pilot. An unqualified copilot if you will.

When I was handed earmuffs from the pilot I knew I was in for an interesting flight. The flight was around 30minutes and I must admit being in the front seat was a pretty amazing experience with awesome views!

Once on the island we picked up our rental car (a Rav4) and headed to our accomodation just in time to see sunset on the way!

The accomodation had a view of the beach from our balcony which was gorgeous and was a short walk from a restaurant and shop.

I had heard that the Kaitoke Hot Springs were a must do so on Saturday we drove to the other side of the island to check out beaches and to go to the Hot Springs. It was about a 20min walk into where the hot springs were and when we arrived we were the only ones there which was great! It had rained the night before so the water was not that hot which was a little unfortunate but they were still nice.

On Sunday we had some time before flying out mid afternoon so we went to some beaches out by the airport. One in particular was a beautiful walk although one end of the beach had 100’s and 100’s of dead fish! it was like they were washing up from a fishing boat dump potentially?
The water at the beaches was crystal clear, some snaps of the rock pools are below where the water was just so beautiful.

Great Barrier was a beautiful destination for a weekend escape although if your a city girl like me it was hard to chill out with not much to do! I like to wine and dine beachside 😉


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