The beginning of a month long honeymoon…

We were in Bali for 6 days and based ourself out of Seminyak. We stayed at Downtown villas & had a villa with a private plunge pool as well as the luxury of room service breakfast every morning – highly recommended!

Not only were we walking distance to shops and beaches but our accomodation had a golf buggy and were happy to drop us off and pick us up within a certain radius. Flying down busy streets in a golf buggy was definitely an experience!
Apart from swimming, eating and drinking we did a few day trips as well which included;

Ubud – we hired a private driver and tour guide for the day to take us to the monkey forest, art villages, coffee plantation, rice fields and Markets. We basically wanted to cover the highlights of Ubud!

The monkey forest was the main reason I wanted to go to ubud while the other activities were just a bonus!

It was amazing to see monkeys just running around in the forest although we were quite weary because we had heard they can be quite aggressive!

We bought a bunch of bananas from a small stall in the forest and then the fun began…

We found the monkeys to be really gentle although I did get a fright when one was jumping through trees and launched at my head!!!

After the monkey forest our driver took us to a local rice field, they were exactly like what you see in the photos! So stunning.

Dried rice still in its shell (above)

Next stop was the coffee plantation. We were told that there was an animal called the Lombok (possum like animal) that created speciality coffee beans. The process includes the animal eating the coffee beans, pooing then out and then the beans being collected from the poo and taken through the normal grinding process.

While we were here I decided to get a coffee tasting platter and I also ordered a cup of their ‘speciality’ coffee.

Snorkelling – We did the a tour that took us to Lembongan Island which included stopping at a floating water slide complex that included slides, underwater viewing chambers, banana boat rides, diving, snorkelling area and massages.

We were also taken to the island and we were able to enjoy beach club facilities for the afternoon (aka drinking in the pool).

All in all it was a great day trip!

We had been told of a few must do places in Bali such as watching the sunset at Ku de Ta and going to Jimbaran bay for a seafood dinner.

A friend of ours happened to be in Bali at the same time so we met at Ku De Ta for drinks and dinner but Shaun and I arrived earlier to have a drink and watch the sunset. Ku De Ta is a beach club that is situated right on the beach so during the day you can swim in the pool with views of the ocean and at night you can enjoy the views with a drink in hand!

One thing to note is this particular beach had ALOT of locals trying to sell items so it wasn’t a beach you would want to “relax” on.

Jimbaran bay was another outing for us as that was basically the opposite side of town. When we arrived there were a number of beachfront restaurants with live seafood.

We were lucky enough to get a table right at the front so we had the perfect view for yet another beach sunset.

Although these were both great dining experiences I must admit that I started to become addicted to Nasi goreng…

How about nasi goreng for breakfast too?

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