Today we took a 3 hour ferry from Ireland to Wales. The ferry was a large one but wasn’t quite as good as the other ones we had been on as this one had no spa. We played UNO with part of our tour group for most of the time and the rest of the time we just surfed the free wifi so at least time went fast.

Once in Wales we drove to a town that has the longest place name in Europe. We were told that apparently it no longer holds the title of being the longest place name in the world.

The name of the town was:


The English Translation means:

The church of Mary in the hollow of the white hazel near the fierce whirlpool and the church of tysilio by the red cave.



After visiting this town it was off to Llangollen where we were staying for the night. On the way we found this!



Once in Llangollen we went with another couple from our tour and caught a bus out to the Pontcysylte Aqueduct which is a world heritage site. The aqueduct was a large roman looking bridge that had both a footpath and a canal running over it, the canal meant that boats could also go over this bridge. The bridge had about a 100m drop to the river under it so it was very high up! We walked over the aqueduct as well as checking out Trevor basin & the underneath of the aqueduct.


After the aqueduct we went up to catch the bus home and after waiting 45minutes we decided we may need to find an alternative way home as we had dinner at 6:30pm and it was already 5:30pm. We had started to walk back when I decided to head into this tiny pub and ask if they knew when the next bus was. Once in there the guys were looking it up for me and some of the locals were talking to me, one asked how long we had been waiting and when I told him he said and you have only just come into the pub.. That’s yanks for ya! I then proceeded to tell him I wasn’t a yank and I was actually from NZ. He said I didn’t have a full New Zealand accent. Anyway long story short we were told to head back to the bus stop as there was meant to be another bus coming in 5minutes, once back there waiting for the bus a car turned up & told us to get in, it ended up being the guy who had called me a yank at the pub (with his wife sober driving him). His wife got out and said right the smallest can get in the boot, which was of course me! So I rode in the boot all the way back to our hotel.


The next day we made our way to Cardiff, the capital of Wales. This was the final night of our tour!

After checking out our sweet hotel room we ended up going down to the Cardiff Castle which was only about a 10 minute walk from where we were staying. On the way to the castle we found a market so we went inside and had a look, they were selling all the traditional stuff that markets do including baking. So it was the perfect place for me to try a welsh cake, a welsh cake is like a flat scone with sugar on top it was pretty tasty! They are either fruit or chocolate chip so of course I got the chocolate chip one. After the markets we headed to the castle, the castle had huge stone walls around it and it was known for its great views from the viewing platform inside.


We went inside the castle grounds and we started by walking on the top of the stone walls, we were able to walk on the wall around the grounds and then we went down into the wall. So inside the stone walls were old war bunkers so it was interesting learning the history of that. We also went inside some of the rooms of the castle and we were able to go up the watch tower which was in the centre of the grounds. The tower was surrounded by a mote and back in the day it was heavily guarded. The top platform provided amazing views of Cardiff city.


After the Castle we headed to a Vodka bar called Revolution, it was cocktail hour so we headed in for a few. This bar was amazing, we had been to one in Edinburgh as well so we already knew they did great drinks. As you guessed they do all sorts of vodka including a range of vodka shots ranging from bubble gum flavour to grandpas old mint flavour and pretty much most flavours you can imagine. The rest of our evening consisted of going for a group dinner and then we headed back to the Vodka bar! We ended up getting rows of shots to try the different flavours of vodka which were amazing (although the cocktails were just as good!)

After the vodka bar we headed to a kiwi bar that we had spotted earlier in the day, a bar that was literally called the kiwi bar and had a massive NZ flag. Inside they had lots of NZ photos on the wall and they had a ‘North Island’ Bar and a ‘South Island’ Bar which was pretty cool. Shaun did have one complaint though, for a kiwi bar they only had one NZ beer!


The next day we fitted in some last minute sightseeing before starting our venture back to London!

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