Well we had an extremely busy few days in London! We only had 3 nights and 2 full days so that meant fitting in a lot.

As soon as we checked into our apartment we did a night time walk through Hyde Park and saw the sites throughout the park including the Princess Diana memorial fountain, the NZ memorial site, the queen Elizabeth statue and we walked all the way through to Buckingham palace. After this we went through to trafalgar square and went to M&M world. There was a lot of merchandise in M&M world and there was big tubes of different colours/kinds of M&M’s so you could make your own mixture. During the day you can also see M&M’s being made.


Day 1: We went to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. There were hundreds and hundreds of people waiting for the changing of the guard so it was quite hard to find a spot where we could see it happening. With a bit of pushing that we learnt in Italy we eventually got pretty close to the gates (only one person back). The whole thing took about 45minutes and then as soon as it was over everyone piled on out.


We continued walking afterwards and went to St James Park to try find some squirrels which we successfully found. Unfortunately we had no peanuts on us so we were determined to head back when we had peanuts. We then went and saw Big Ben and Westminster abbey ( missed seeing the queen by 20min as she had just been at the Westminster Abbey at an order of the bath for some knights) after taking photos we headed over the Thames river to walk along the water front towards the tower bridge, we passed the London eye and also saw the building that has been melting everything, as the building is concave and glass the sun has been reflecting off it and burning stuff! We also walked past a old warship HMS Belfast, which is a floating museum now, then it was onto the tower bridge and the Tower of London. We walked over the Tower bridge which was pretty cool and we walked around the Tower of London. We also got a few flavours of Ben and Jerrys Ice cream phish food, strawberry cheesecake that also had cookie chunks in it and cookie dough.. Sooo delicious.

Day 2: Today we went to Harrods to see what it was all about and then we headed back to st James park with peanuts to feed the squirrels, we shook the bag of nuts and heaps came running up to us, some even climbed up us to get to the nuts. The squirrels would grab the nuts, eat some and then they would run away and bury them in the ground and then return for more. All up we spent about an hour feeding them before we heading to Oxford circus for shopping. Once at Oxford Street we found a 5 level top shop which included 2 massive levels for men, they even had a barber shop in the store! We also went to Primark.. I went a little crazy as everything is dirt cheap there.



We also saw all the main central area at night including trafalger square, Piccadilly Circus and convent gardens. There was a really good beat boxer performing in Piccadilly Circus so that was entertaining. We even went all the way down to Waterloo bridge to see the London eye at night.


After going to Barcelona we actually came back to London and squeezed in a few more days.






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