Amsterdam, Holland

After a very long day on the bus we finally arrived in Amsterdam! We had a cheese and clog tour at a family owned factory. We got to taste the cheeses and watch a clog being made. Our first evening in Amsterdam consisted of going to a local sex show which is a main tourist attraction in The Netherlands.

Clog making
Dutch cheese making
Dutch cheese making

Our next day started with a bike tour that lasted a few hours. We visited a few of the main parks including one called the Van Gogh park which is 4m below sea level and is constantly sinking, another interesting thing about this park is a lot of people lived there when there was a housing shortage and there was even a mail delivery to the park so people could still receive their mail whilst living there. It is also legal to have sex in the bush at the park (bit bizarre!). We also stopped at the Anne frank house and at a few canals to see the view.



House boat


A shop dedicated to condoms

After the bike tour we found lunch at a nice little cafe which claimed to have the best burger in Amsterdam. I have to admit the burger I had was pretty good! Shaun and I were discussing something about the fact I am dutch and the guy started talking to me in dutch…. I have dutch heritage but I can’t speak it!

Then we were off to the Heineken factory which was the first factory for Heineken so being Shaun’s favourite beer we had to visit it. We spent a few hours inside reading about the history, seeing the brewing stations and how it’s bottled, we even got to see the Heineken horses (to this day they still have horses) then we also got to taste the beer of course. Shaun bought quite a few souvenirs at the gift shop including a tshirt, beer coolers, a credit card style beer opener, a rack to stack his beer easier in the fridge and some Heineken drinking glasses.


Statue for sex workers


Urinal shaun found
Hot food vending machine
cannibas growing starter kit at the markets

As it was our last evening with the topdeck group we had a group dinner at a Chinese restaurant called Sea Palace which is the biggest floating restaurant in Europe.

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