Krakow, Poland

This trip was another 3 countries in one day. We had breakfast in Hungary, lunch in Slovakia and dinner in Poland.

Once we were in Poland we went for a night time walking tour just around some of the main sights then it was time for dinner. Shaun and I got Moaburger for dinner which is a NZ burger place it was a bit like burgerfuel and the burgers were seriously massive! You could even buy beer there so of course we had a burger and beer for dinner.

The next day was a free day so we started the day by going to Oskar schindlers factory which is where 1200 Jews were saved from being killed during the holocaust. The most interesting part of the factory were the stories of former employees, they had stories written on the walls as well as several videos. We walked around the ghetto, Jewish quarter and the market square. The ghetto was basically just old run down places so it matched the name really.

For the rest of the afternoon we just walked around exploring the city and we even went for a horse and carriage ride on the most gorgeous horses! It has made me really want a horse an carriage set up at our wedding. The horses took us around the city and after that we went back to the wawel castle where there used to be a dragon who would eat people in the city. There was a great view from the castle quarter as it was on a hill and overlooked the city.

Our last adventure in Poland was auschwitz which was a former concentration camp during the time of the holocaust. Millions of people died at the camps, the Jews were sent from the ghetto to these camps by train. We were told that they were told they were going to go to a nice place and get new jobs etc so they were advised to bring along there nicest clothes and jewels etc. Once on the train there luggage would actually be left behind and the Germans would go through it all and sell it off, the Jews would be shoved into tiny train carriages (about 80 to a small carriage) and they wouldn’t be given food or water during the journey which would take up to a week so many died on the way.

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Once at the camps the men, women and children would be split into different sections. They would be inspected and some would be sent to work when others would be sent to the gas chambers to be killed. They wouldn’t know that they were going to the gas chambers they would just be told that they were going to take a shower and to strip off etc they would even be given soap and towels but once in there they would be waiting for water and instead they would get cylon B thrown into the chamber so within a few minutes everyone in the chamber would be dead.

We went to two of the camps within Auschwitz one which housed majority of the women and it showed all the items of those that were killed. After women were killed in the gas chambers their hair would be shaved off and so there was one room which just had piles and piles of the hair and there was even a carpet looking piece that was made out of human hair. I think the most freaky rooms were those that had everyone’s shoes so it was just massive piles of everyone’s shoes and also those that had the children’s clothing/shoes.

After 3 hours in the concentration camps it was time to head to Prague.

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