Vienna, Austria

Austria the country famous for Mozart…

The first thing we did in Austria was go to the Schonbrunn palace which was the summer residence of the Habsburg family. It had amazing gardens and even backed onto a zoo.



We found out that all the shops in Austria were closed on a Sunday so that meant that our free day consisted of walking around the sights and doing a few food stops. We saw the famous opera house;



The hofburg palace (the winter residence of the Habsburg family).


The Spanish riding school

Plus many statues in between including one of Maria who was a very powerful woman and had 16 children in 20 years.


We had morning tea at a cafe by the opera house. Shaun had a famous Viennese ice chocolate and I had apple strudel. We always make an effort to try the local food when in a new place, we found that hot dogs seemed to be a tradition in Austria as well!



Austria is famous for their Snchapps so we decided to visit their famous Snchapps museum where we were able to try ALOT of Snchapps… it was here that we purchased a gold flake bottle of Scnhapps.1.1398505664.schnapps-museum-shots

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