Venice & Verona, Italy

We left from Rome to Venice and stopped in Verona on the way. Verona is the home of the famous Romeo and Juliet so we went and saw Juliet’s balcony. The arch way that leads to the area that Juliet’s balcony is has graffiti on both sides so people put love letters and notes etc on the walls. There is also a padlock area and a statue of Juliet, if you touch Juliet’s boob it’s meant to be good luck.

In Venice we were staying a bit on the outskirts so we only had one full day in the actual city part of Venice. We were amazed at how there were no cars or bikes allowed on the main island of Venice and that everything is transported by boat. To get onto the island we had to catch a train but on the way back we caught a Waterbus which was like a taxi boat. Everyone had boats there so to get around the streets you either drive your boat, catch a water taxi, catch a gondola or walk.



I didn’t realise there were so many canals in Venice, they are basically like side streets. There is the grand canal and then there is little canals coming off it in all directions and they all loop into each other etc. The smell of the streets and the water was really bad but the scenery was beautiful. We did a gondola ride and we found it amazing, our ‘driver’ was nice and was telling us about the sights as we went along. One thing I noticed was that the drivers of the gondolas are very muscly as they are literally just paddling the boat full of people, no motors!

We went to a lace demonstration in a lace school which is one of the few left in venice. The lady told us there used to be about 6000 lace makers in Venice but now there is only about 500. We got shown some pieces including a giant doiley looking piece that took 7 lace makers 8 months to make and comes with a price tag of 1100 euros. We were just amazed at how it was all handmade and the lace was done with just a needle and cotton so you can imagine how long it all takes! I actually bought my garter from here and kept it hidden away until our wedding!

We also went to a glass demonstration which had a guy moulding glass with a hot torch and iron tongs. Looking at the show room was amazing as they even had a glass guitar! The prices were pretty extreme though, for 1600 euros you could get yourself a small glass horse.

To celebrate our last day in Italy we decided to do some shopping. I found some Gucci sunglasses that I loved so Shaun got them for me, he bought some puma shoes and we bought a few famous Venice masks for a party we were attending that evening.


Shaun was very happen when we found 1 litre cans of beer (that Shaun ended up buying, he liked the fact he could say “I am just having 1 beer”).



We found some interesting things while in Venice…

Shop fronts with displays out on the canal.

A police station that just had police boats.


Not to mention the delicious food and drinks. Until next time Venice

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