After a very long day on the bus we finally arrived in Switzerland. It was a very scenic drive with the beautiful fields of yellow flowers in France and the mountains in Switzerland.


We were staying in a small village called lauterbrunnen which was in the mountains which meant it was surrounded by waterfalls, scenic mountains and only had a handful of shops.


We visited Jungfraujoch which is the highest train station in the world and the top of Europe. The mountain was 3482m high and about a 2 hour train ride. The train ride was so scenic though we passed so many mountains and the snow was amazing. We were surprised at how many villages we saw in the mountains, they must get freezing in the winter.

1.1397830831.train-to-jungfraujochSwiss alpsimg_3127-1

This was Shaun’s first time at the snow so it was a pretty incredible moment being up there. It was also snowing at the time so we were getting snowed on which was awesome! It was -12 up the mountain so as you can imagine it was super chilly but that was a good excuse to try the Swiss hot chocolate which was delicious.

The currency in Switzerland is very strange, they have 5 Swiss franc coin which is $5 but it’s a coin not a note and they also have a 1/2 Swiss franc coin which is equivalent to 50cents. We found it quite hard to get used to!



The place we were staying had a bar that turned into quite the party bar and it was a tradition that tourists would place a coaster with their name and date on a piece of string and hang it up in the bar.


The highlight of Switzerland had to be the morning we left, it was snowing in our campsite so we were literally getting snowed on whilst walking out of the cabin to go to the bathroom. This meant it was very cold where we were staying so Shaun ended up buying a new hoody as he only bought one jumper with him! We also saw snow on our drive out of Switzerland, it was like a winter wonderland there was snow for miles and we got to stop and have a snowball fight etc.



We had a blast in Switzerland, Shaun even got a legit Swiss Army knife as a souvenir. Next was our drive to French Riviera via Italy which meant breakfast in Switzerland, lunch in Italy and dinner in France.

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